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SCHM 211- Logistics

Logistics uses total operations, systems, management approach using textbooks, websites, articles, global cases, current news (e.g., WSJ) and industry innovations.

SCHM 360 – Negotiation Fundamentals

Negotiation focuses on approaches, tactics, relationships, strategies, ethics & preparations when acquiring goods & services to improve student skills

SCHM 390- Supply Chain Integration

Integrates all global supply chain components, processes, relationships, interfaces, ethics & risks via articles, websites, news (e.g., WSJ), speakers & tools

SCHM 340 – Procurement

Procurement focuses on acquiring materials, products, assets & services by commercial & government entities plus ethics via textbooks, articles, speakers & tools

INFO 396 – Project Management

Course incorporates project management concepts, processes & techniques for planning & controlling resources to achieve project goals utilizing computer tools

INFO 335 – Production & Operations Management

POM provides overview of manufacturing operations, planning, scheduling, forecasting, systems & operations using textbooks, articles, cases & analysis tools

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