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GSCM 506 – Negotiations

Course focuses on approaches, tactics, relationships, strategies, ethics & preparations when acquiring goods & services to improve managerial skills & success

GIST 509 – Project Management

Course incorporates management concepts, processes & techniques for planning & controlling resources to accomplish project goals utilizing computer tools

GSCM 504 – Government Acquisition

Course focuses on Management of Government contracting using the Federal Acquisition Regulations & other procurement approaches using cases, speakers & FAR tools

GIST 520 – Immersive Consulting Lab

Course provides hands-on management, information systems & supply chain experiential learning through global consulting projects with Corporate Clients & coaches

GSCM 502 – Information Technology in Supply Chain Management

Course studies manufacturing operations, planning, scheduling, forecasting & systems from a management perspective using textbooks, cases & analysis tools

GIST 501 – Statistics and Business Analytics

Statistics and Analytics introduces statistical analysis & modeling techniques critical to management of corporate business operations, finance, and strategy

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