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MBA & Undergraduate SCM Program


The MBA program includes thirteen (13) required core MBA courses plus three required and one elective Supply Chain Management (SCM) courses plus one free elective for a total of 54 credit hours. The undergraduate program requires seven (7) SCM courses in addition to the core School of Business undergraduate course requirements.     


The curriculum includes areas of demand, supply, and logistics management.  Courses include but are not limited to procurement management, logistics management (including transportation and inventory management), production/operations management, project management, negotiation, e-Business, and global supply management. 



MBA Required
SCM Courses (3)
  • Procurement Management

  • Logistics

  • Global Supply Chain Management (Capstone)

  • Production and Operations Management (required for all MBA students)





One (1) required elective from the following
  • Project Management

  • Negotiations

  • Information Systems in Supply Chain Management

  • Government Acquisition


One free elective may be taken from the above list or another general business course such as Financial Modeling.


Undergrad Required
SCM Courses (4)
  • Procurement

  • Introduction to Logistics

  • Project Management

  • Supply Chain Integration (Capstone)

(3) required electives from the following
  • Negotiation Fundamental

  • Quality and Reliability Management

  • Information Technology in Supply Chain Management

  • Introduction to Government Acquisition

  • Financial Modeling & Analysis

  • Introduction to E-Business/E-Commerce

  • Principles of International Business

  • International Financial Management




Other electives from the School of Business can be chosen with approval from the Department Chair.