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Student Perspective from Kayla Warren: Fall 2019 CSCMP Conference

Updated: May 5, 2020

(Fall 2019) Hi! My name is Kayla Warren and I am a sophomore supply chain management major from South Carolina by way of South Korea.

1.What is the purpose of this conference?

The purpose of this conference was to connect many people with special interests/careers in supply chain management with other people of similar backgrounds and educate not only on supply chain management but many business factors in the industry.

2.Why did you want to attend this conference?

I wanted to attend this conference because as a sophomore we, unfortunately, don't get too much hands-on or even knowledge of supply chain management until junior year, so I saw this opportunity as a great way to hear more about supply chain management in-depth from professionals, network, and see the current state of the business world and where it is moving to.

3.What did you enjoy most about the conference?

The thing I enjoyed most about this conference was definitely hearing in-depth discussions by professionals about supply chain management specifically AI technology, I enjoyed hearing how many companies such as IBM, Lenovo, Nordstrom, and Johnson & Johnson are incorporating this relatively new technology into their business to continue to make sure their companies are evolving successful along with the world.

4. What are some takeaways from the conference?

One of my main takeaways from the event was nothing is going to be perfect in the business world, although it seems like it from all the success with individuals in the careers and the success with companies the most important key to success is taking those risks, learning from your mistakes, and just evolving with the business world.

5. Would you recommend students to attend this conference next year?

I definitely would recommend students to attend this conference next year because it is such a great experience if you really have an interest in supply chain management as a career and gives you an opportunity to listen to professionals talk in-depth about basically what your future career is going to consist of, other aspects of the business world, and especially gives the opportunity to network.

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