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Student Perspective from Durham Moten: Fall 2019 NMSDC Conference

Updated: May 5, 2020

(Fall 2019) Hi, my name is Durham Moten, a junior honors supply chain management major from Atlanta, GA. Last summer, I was with ExxonMobil as a procurement intern and I serve as president of the Supply Chain Management Student Association. 

1. What is the purpose of this conference?

The purpose of the National Minority Supplier Development Council Conference and Business Opportunity Fair is to build and sustain business relationships between corporations and certified minority owned firms. The NMSDC works with minority owned firms to certify and develop minority owned firms to be able to sustain a business relationship with corporations. They also work to connect and advocate for these firms through hosting a business opportunity fair. 

2. Why did you want to attend this conference?

I wanted to attend this conference because of my interest in supplier diversity. I was most captivated by the work that the NMSDC does to both develop and advocate for these minority owned firms as I believe it is integral to the economic empowerment of marginalized communities. 

3. What did you enjoy most about the conference?

The thing that I enjoyed most about the conference was the people. Not only did I attend with a wonderful group of Bison (shoutout to Courtney, Anisah, and Lucas!), I had never been in an expo full of people with a genuine commitment to helping and seeing minority owned businesses become successful. From both the corporate and entrepreneurial side, I was blessed with the opportunity to interface with so many like minded individuals and I really appreciate the knowledge they were gracious enough to share with me and my peers.

4. What are some takeaways from the conference?

My biggest key takeaway from this conference was to not limit my own future by the possibilities I perceived as most attainable. I met so many successful, young, and ambitious entrepreneurs. With hard work and consistency, the sky truly is the limit!

5. Would you recommend students to attend this conference next year? Why\Why not? 

I would recommend that any student that has the opportunity to attend takes advantage of it. I have never experienced anything like it. The expo is full of inspirational stories of perseverance. The people are so genuine in helping you understand that the possibilities really are endless and to not sell yourself short. The connections you could make as a result of a simple conversation are invaluable. 

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