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Intel joins Howard University's Supply Chain Management Advisory Board

We are delighted and honored to welcome Intel to our SCM Advisory Board, and to the HU family.

Intel's board representative, Jackie Sturm (Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s multi-billion dollar Global Supply Chain Operations team) and her team are committed to our program and plan to be active contributors in the coming years.

For seven years, Jackie was a VP of Finance at Intel, serving as CFO of Intel's single largest organization, the Technology Manufacturing Group. Her global operations experience includes leadership over a team of 750 technologists, engineers, and supply chain professionals in 28 countries. She oversees sourcing, procurement, technology enabling, supplier management and more. Jackie has been recognized by her peers with the 2016 AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award and inclusion on Global Women SC Leaders 2020 list of “100 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain.”

Intel has become a fervent volunteer and supporter within our CESCM program as of late; we are happy to embrace Intel as the newest addition to our SCM program.

We are also taking this opportunity to acknowledge Andre Schenck, Eden Ketema, and Kamesia Hawkins (HUMBA Supply Chain Alum), who played an active role in nurturing the relationship between Intel and HU. They are incredibly valued members of the HU family.

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