Corporate Visibility On Campus

Students are always eager to learn more about potential employers! The Center of Excellence in SCM is pleased to offer a number of opportunities for employers to showcase their organization and develop a pipeline of talent from Howard University School of Business. 

Connecting with Students: Partner with us for Maximum Visibility

Do you have an idea in mind for your engaging with students? Whether you prefer hosting an information session or you’re going for a more non-traditional path like a site visit - there are multiple ways to garner student interest!

Host Information Sessions/Pre-Interview Meeting / Receptions

  • Interact directly with students with one-on-one conversations or classroom information sessions.

  • Garner additional interest in your company before an interview collection deadline, before your on-campus interviews, or other campus event.

Classroom Presentations and Faculty/Staff Connections

  • Introduce your organization to specific majors and class years as a guest lecturer

  • Raise awareness of job opportunities that students may not have thought about.

  • Provide classroom projects and cases related to global supply chain activities

  • Sessions must be scheduled well in advance and be related to the instructor’s syllabus.

Student Representative On-Campus

  • Consider having a former Howard University School of Business student-intern from your company become a Campus Representative to promote your company to other students.

Corporate Office and Facility Site Visits

  • Host corporate office and facility site visits to your company

Scholarships/Case Competitions/and Career Fairs

  • Provide SCM scholarships to high potential students

  • Provide opportunities for SCM students to enter case competitions at your company

Hire Our Students

  • Provide meaningful summer internships for undergraduate and MBA students

  • Extend full-time offers to SCM graduates

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We look forward to partnering with you!