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7th Annual 2020 Supply Chain Management Summit

(Spring 2020) The Supply Chain Management Student Association in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management held its 7th Annual Supply Chain Management Summit Monday, February 10, 2020-Wednesday, February 13, 2020.

The first event of the week was “Sweet! Understanding Supply Chain with Cupcakes.” SCM students stationed themselves in the business school lobby with over 180 cupcakes and explained the supply chain of cupcakes while giving out the sweet treat to students, faculty, and staff.

The next day, the SCM Summit’s keynote presentation was the “Women in Supply Chain Management Leadership” Panel. The seven panelists were an esteemed group of professionals that included Julia Brown – Carnival Corporation, Kim Brown – GSK, Modupe Congleton, Nedra Dickson – Accenture, Farryn Melton – BMS, Reginia Sanders – EY, and Dana Stiffler – Gartner. Each panelist was dynamic and greatly contributed to the richness of the SCM concentration at Howard.

The third day of the SCM Summit included two workshops. The first was a student-initiated idea to expose students to supply chain careers outside of the manufacturing setting. This four-person panel was called “Spotlight on Alternative Careers in Supply Chain.” Three Chemonics supply chain professionals spoke to students for this presentation, Clement Jaidzeka, Tamah Kamlem, and Deborah Hutchison. Though they were from the same organization, each panelist had a different function under supply chain in the international public health field. Further, they each provided students with lively viewpoints of what an international supply chain should entail. The fourth panelist was Dr.

Waris Husain, a human rights attorney for the American Bar Association (ABA), where he discussed how supply chains of companies like H& M and Zara greatly impact the international trade, labor, and human rights work he does in Southeast Asia.

The final event of the SCM Summit was a special cybersecurity workshop led by award-winning cybersecurity expert, Tania Allen and Cisco professionals Jack Allen and Modupe Congleton. This workshop provided an overview of cybersecurity and further explained its growing importance now and in the future.

Every year the Summit reaches new heights, and this year’s Summit was once again a huge success!

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